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NMO Module 2 - Get Portal Help

by webadmin last modified Jan 10, 2013 11:47 AM
Contributors: Rose Hessmiller, Harlow Pinson
Description of how to get Help while working inside the RM Portal.

Get Portal Help

Instructions for getting help are available in the yellow box, located at the top of the right column. This help portlet is available on the home, and many other pages. The various types of help inside the RM Portal include:

Email Help

If you have a technical or policy question, you can email the portal administration staff for help at The portal staff will answer promptly and to the best of their ability.

Technical Help

1. Many technical documents relating to procedures for using the portal are located in the help folder.

Click the help tab. Of particular interest are:

  • Technical procedural help located in the How To Document Folder.
  • Plugins required for viewing proprietary content located in the Plugin Folder.
  • US Federal policies on web standards.
  • Natural Resource Management Glossary and Keywords.
  • Other helpful resources.

What browsers are supported?

1. The portal requires a browser that supports Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) technology. Newer web browsers support this. Older web browsers do not.

2. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5+, Mozilla / Firefox 1+, Safari 2+ are supported.

3. Macintosh Internet Explorer and early versions of Safari are not supported.

Where do I get a specific plugin to view some proprietary content?

1. Users may upload files to the portal that require vendor-specific web-browser plugin software for viewing and interaction.

Examples are:

2. If you are trying to view content that uses one of these formats, and cannot see the content, you may need to download and install the appropriate plugin.

3. Instructions for download and installation are in the yellow box in the top right column of the portal.

4. Note that in some cases, organizational computer policy will prevent you from downloading and installing third-party plugin software. If this is the case, you must convince your organization to allow the installation of the plugin, or you will be able to view the plugin specific content.

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