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NMO Module 5 - What are Role(s)?

by webadmin last modified Jan 10, 2013 11:47 AM
Roles are the permissions that allow certain types of actions on the portal by you, a portal user.

What are Role(s)?

Different portal users may have different portal roles. For example:

  • Anonymous user: An anonymous user is someone who is either a visitor to the portal, that is, not a portal member, or is a portal member who has not yet logged in. An anonymous user can view and access content residing in public areas of the portal, or that has been published (made publicly available), but cannot add, edit, move, rename, or delete content.
  • Member: Someone who has an account login username and password and has logged into the portal. A member can add content and publish content to their my folder and they can add and post content for review to their assigned group or public folders (the library, training, links, and help folders)
  • Reviewer: A reviewer has more permissions than a member but less than a manager. Reviewers can edit, review, and/or publish designated content created by a member; they cannot change the member’s personal or group folder configuration or alter a member’s user account.
  • Manager: There are two classes manager: a folder manager (ex. the library or individual group manager) and a portal manager. Folder managers can view, add, edit, or delete content in folders where they are allowed to do so. A portal manager has complete power over the portal.

Every user can be assigned to one or more roles (for example: a member and a reviewer). Roles for a user may differ in different parts of the portal. If you have questions about roles or want to request a specific role at a certain location(s) inside the portal, contact the Portal Administrator

Note: All members, reviewers, and managers can share what they own, where they own it. See the section on Sharing for more information.

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