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NMO Module 7 - Group Folders Exercise

by Rose Hessmiller last modified Jan 10, 2013 11:47 AM
In this exercise you will learn how to work in a private group while linking to content you publish to public space on the portal.

Group Folders Exercise


    • Understand that group is a shared folder where members of the group can work together on a common theme.
    • Understand that groups can be published (public), private, or some combination of both.
    • Tour the publicly available groups.
    • Understand that in a private group, all members of the group are managers and have power over other group members content.
    • Understand that a private group calendar and group news collector can be requested.

Add the Content first inside Your Group

1. Click on the group tab.

2. Scroll down and click to enter your group

3. Click the contents tab.

4. Click on the add an item dropdown menu.

5. Select file.

6. Type in the Title.

7. Type in a Description

8. Click the Browse button and locate and insert your file.

9. Save. Please note that large files can take a longer time to upload.

Create a Copy of your Content

1. Click on the Actions tab

2. Select copy or cut as desired.

3. Locate the public space where you wish to publish (share) your content. For example, click the library tab.

4. Locate the folder titled: Public Draft: Pending Publication Folder

5. Click the content tab.

6. Click the paste button to paste your file. You will see the message on top: Items pasted.

7. Click on the draft folders contents tab. You should see your content.

Note: You will receive an email message from the portal librarian acknowledging receipt of your posted content. The librarian will send you the URL indicating where the content resides once it is published.

Create a link to the Public content from your Private Group

Once you receive the URL of the published content you can create a link from your private group workspace.

1. Navigate to your group's folder.

2. Click the contents tab.

3. Click on Add an Item.

4. Add a link

5. Type in a Title

6. Type in a Description.

7. Type in or paste in the published URL that you received from the librarian

8. Save.

Notice the state of the item: It should have defaulted to Private.

Delete the extra copy of the document

Once you have created a link to the published content you can delete the redundant file from your group area.

1. Click the contents tab, located at the top left of your folder area.

2. Find the file you wish to delete.

3. Put a check in the box next to the file.

4. Click delete on the bottom bar. The content is deleted.

Review your Exercise

1. Click the groups tab.

2. Click on your group.

3. You should see your link to the content you posted in the portal public space.

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