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NMO Introduction: RM Portal Core Features

by Rose Hessmiller last modified Jan 10, 2013 11:47 AM
Description of the core features of the RM Portal

RM Portal Core Features

RM Portal

  • Open to the Public Without a Login The public can access content that portal members have published from within their own personal folders, group space, or published in the portal public spaces: Library, News, Training, Calendar, Help, and Links)
  • Private Workflow including the ability to set up applications like group news, calendars, and forums that are unique to your team or project.
  • Dynamic Public News from all members publishing news to the portal, eNewsletter application with the ability to create and distribute an eNewsletter for distribution to portal members and/or send to a greater audience, a News Smart Folder that automatically aggregates news specific to your interests or published on the portal, Private News unique to your group or project
  • Interactive Calendars either Public and/or Private that include the ability to attach documents to the calendar events with specific email contact and web links)
  • Ability to easily, and quickly upload and/or disseminate searchable multi-media content in ALL formats LARGE or small including: flash movies, video clips, audio files, graphic and photo image files, PowerPoint, PDFs, spreadsheets, graphs, and word documents.
  • Multilingual Translation Support
  • Deep Search across the entire portal and all its functions. Internal deep search Indexing of Microsoft Word and Adobe PDFs. Search can dig deep down into all documents published on the portal.
  • Built in HTML Web Editor, Kupu, to create web pages instantly
  • Save Work Warning when leaving a page with unsaved work
  • Full Screen Mode for easy content viewing
  • Multiple way to display content (summary, tabs, lists, choose what/how you want to set your homepage)
  • Document security is provided through the portals designated roles and permissions and through the Color coding of states on content (Private, Public Draft, Publish) to make it much easier to keep tabs on security of your content and team work areas.
  • Smart Folders (private and public automatic content aggregation that you can set up on a specific content type or keyword)

Some of the other technical functionality of the portal includes:

  • Faster indexes. Elements in the Portal— such as content listings, dynamic navigation, site maps, breadcrumbs — are now up to 10 to 20 times faster.
  • Flexible Navigation and Sitemaps
    • A faster, more attractive navigation tree Improved configuration of search results
    • Automatic site map generation
    • Configurable folder home pages
  • Live Search (Instantaneous search return before you even hit the submit search tab)
  • Easier Access to Common Content - Tasks (Copy, Paste, Translate etc)
  • Automatic short name / ID generation on content items Publishing history (tracking) for content recorded on same page as content
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