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NMO Module 3 - Set Preferences

by webadmin last modified Jan 10, 2013 11:47 AM
Description of Preferences, the personal information that you may or may not wish to provide, that benefit other portal users, and settings that control how the portal behaves for you.

Set Preferences

1. To set your user preferences first Login to the portal.

2. In the orange global preferences bar just beneath the tabs are several links. Click the Preferences link.
The Title of the page will change to My Preferences.

Change your Password

1. Note that if you change your password, and forget your username, your password will not be able to be retrieved, and will need to be reset by the portal administrator. For the purposes of this exercise, it would be best if you chose not to change your password at this moment, as if you do so incorrectly, you may not be able to continue with this procedure immediately.

2. Under Member Preferences click the Change Password link.

3. Note that passwords are case sensitive and literal. If you change your password to "MyPassword" that is exactly what you MUST type, including the uppercase letters. The most common cause of a password not working is that your Caps Lock key is on by mistake.


  • Should be a single word, with no spaces.
  • Should be at least 8 characters long.
  • Can use special text characters like 0-9 and ! @ # $ % ^ & *.

Good practice is to use a nonsense or random word for your password. Your name is a very insecure password, as is any single word that can be found in a dictionary. Such passwords can easily be guessed, and your security on the portal compromised.

4. In the Current password field enter your current password. You must type your current password exactly.

5. In the New password field enter your new password. Password must have a minimum of five characters.

6. In the Confirm password field re-enter the new password. Make sure the confirmed password is identical to the new password.

7. Click the Change password button. Your new password is activated. Your old password is no longer active.

8. Click the home tab to exit Preferences

Change your Personal Preferences

1.Under Member Preferences click the Personal Preferences link.
personal preference

2. Your Full Name is listed first. If it is incorrect, you may correct it here. This is required information.

3. Your Email Address is listed. It is important that your email address be correct. If it is not, correct it here. This is required information.

4. Your Location is where you are located. This is optional information

5. Your Biography is a short overview of who you are and what you do. This information will be displayed on the your author page, linked from the items you create. This is optional information.

6. Your Home Page is the URL to your home page, if you have one. It should be in standard URL format, for example. This is optional information.

7. You may select a Content Editor for editing page content. It is suggested that you choose Kupu from the dropdown menu, unless you know HTML. Kupu allows you to edit content in a text editor similar to Wordpad or a simplified Microsoft Word.

8. We suggest you leave Enable External Editing unchecked. Contact the portal administrator for more information on external editors that you can use.

9. If Listed in searches is checked, your name will be listed when someone searches for it. If this item is unchecked, you will not be listed in searches. Choose your preference by checking or un-checking this box.

10. Portrait is an optional picture of yourself (or an image that you feel represents you) that you can upload. Portrait images should be 75 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall, and should be in .jpg or .gif image file format. You can use a digital camera or scanner to capture your portrait, and resize it using photo-editing software like Photoshop.
member image

11. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save your preferences. If you do not click Save, your preferences will not be saved.

12. Click the home tab to exit Preferences.

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