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Contributors: Jean Brennan

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Seminar Presentations

Please note that detailed notes accompany all powerpoint presentations.

Seminar 1: Why an Interest in the Links between Natural Resources Management & Poverty?
Jan Bojö: 379KB PPT
Andrew Warner: 54KB PPT
Sara Scherr: 10.663MB PPT

Seminar 2: Power & the Social Dimensions of Poverty & Natural Resources Management
Ruth Meinzen-Dick: 333KB PPT

Seminar 3: Assets, Poverty Traps & Rights
Chris Barrett: 9.45MB PPT

Seminar 4: Markets and Trade
Aaron Cosbey: 2.168MB PPT
John Lamb: 449KB PPT
Augusta Molnar: 4.942MB PPT

Seminar 5: Migration, Marginal Lands & Least-Favored Areas
Kevin O’Neil: 345KB PPT
John Pender: 1.074MB PPT

Seminar 6: Key Macro and National Level Issues
Peter Veit: 2.889MB PPT
Kadi Warner: 14.526MB PPT

Seminar 7: Programmatic Issues and Tools
Gary Eilerts: 2.925MB PPT
Norbert Henninger: 6.909MB PPT
Tony Pryor: 2.632MB PPT

Seminar 8: Conflict, Corruption, Natural Resources Management & Poverty Reduction
Geoffrey Dabelko: 5.982MB PPT
Nalin Kishor: 773KB PPT

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