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The Climate Resilient International Development (CRID) Library contains foundational documents for the Executive Order 13677 Working Group, CRID documents that have been finalized and/or made public, resources that may be useful to the Working Group, and other important documents. It should not contain "working documents" or any materials that are being edited. If you wish to add content that is not ready to be shared with your group click on the Add to the Library by simply clicking on the Button to your right, or click open titles below and add directly. If you wish to share (upload) a large amount of documents at one time please contact: for support.

CRID Foundation Documents

Foundation documents include the EXecutive Order creating the IAWG, the Working Group's timeline and Terms of Reference, a "chapeau" with overarching principals and guidelines, and other foundational documents.

CRID Finished Documents

Finished documents should include any finalized documents produced by the Working Group or any sub-working groups, which may or may not be publishable to the general public.

CRID Public Documents

Public documents should only include documents that have been generated by the Working Group or sub-working groups and which have been cleared by the co-chairs for being provided to the general public.




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